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Kath Rose and Associates is an experienced, dynamic, public relations, publicity and marketing support agency.

We have been in this business for over two decades. That’s old enough to know who we should work with; and young enough to still get crazy excited for our clients. 

Simply, we are really good at what we do.





The KRA team is famed as storytellers, whether that be the creation of media releases that journalists and editors trust and contain the content they require, to dedicated creative pieces crafted specially on request from media or partners, to pitching ideas that the media WANT to hear.

It’s this cross-platform of influence across the social, media and corporate sectors, combined with a very real sense of time and place and a brilliant ability to create content and people that make this, the little agency that could, and does and did!

KRA Founder, Kath Rose, is an accomplished MC and event host, and is regularly invited to speak at events and conferences as well as on panels and for discussions on ABC Radio, 4BC and Triple M. Kath personally oversees everything at KRA (something about it being her name on the shingle and thus being responsible).  There are no freeloaders in the KRA team – there isn’t room, nor do we believe in free rides. We are hands on – from steadying the photographer’s reflector to lifting a model’s couture dress out of the mud during a fashion shoot in a carrot field, we all lift our weight and are (literally) not afraid to get our hands dirty.


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Kath Rose

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